20 Boss Babes Answer: What Does Success Mean to You?

Every December we get to look back on the last twelve months and recognize where we exceeded or fell short. And it can feel awesome or… well, not so much.

But Nelson Mandela said it best: “I never lose. I either win, or I learn.

What might have been, doesn’t serve you. What others expect of you, might not fit your definition of success. YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS. Because success, as you will see below, is a very personal thing.

As a dreamer (which most of us are), it’s really easy to focus on superlatives. Sure, it would be nice to be a multimillionaire and people to worship every word that comes out of your mouth (or is this just my delusion?). But success is a journey, not a destination.

Isn’t adding a new client a success that deserves celebrating? Isn’t starting a blog (or even moving it from a free platform to self-hosted WordPress), uploading your first YouTube video, or making the first $1k as an entrepreneur worth acknowledging? Isn’t putting yourself out there, creating a product, or growing your team worth popping that champagne?

You don’t need other people to tell you when you’ve made it. You are allowed to be your own greatest cheerleader, carve your own place in the world and accessorize it too.

So today I bring to you 20 unique perspectives on what success means and the motivation that fuels these beautiful boss babes to get in front of the screen to write, serve and create every single day.

Read till the end, then go celebrate all that you’ve accomplished so far! Craft your own definition of success and live up to it!

“The definition of success has changed since starting my blog, but in essence, it means a few important things:

  1.  That I’m connecting with people in meaningful ways. I started my blog as a form of therapy for myself and my audience. It gave me a platform to reach out to others who might be struggling in certain areas of their lives. When I get emails from people all over the world telling me about their struggles with infertility or their challenges as a stepmom it feels great. This is success to me – knowing that I’m helping people when they feel alone is the main reason I blog.
  2. Success also means that my blog is growing – from a traffic perspective, a social media perspective and overall engagement. When my page views and unique visitors are up each month, it tells me that I’m doing something right!
  3. Monetizing my blog. Making money with a blog is not an overnight thing, however when I see the money I make increasing month over month this keeps me going and shows that I’m doing some things right!

This is success for me today, but ask me again in 6 months and I’m sure I’ll have some more insight!”

– Yolanda Ridley, Owner/Blogger at Put The Kettle On

“Success means having the freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want. I get to travel the world, work my own hours, helping my readers, wherever they are in the world, to achieve the results they dream about for their own online businesses, Oh, and earn thousands of dollars in revenue each month on autopilot doing something that’s not dependent on my time.”

– Marina Lotaif, Founder + CEO of Yes To Tech

“It’s so important to clearly define what success means to you as an individual. If you’re not sure precisely what success means to you, then you could waste precious time on things that won’t allow you to reach your goals and purpose.

There are many ways to obtain success on personal and professional levels. One must ultimately pursue which paths to take to be the most successful in one’s own eyes and not someone else’s vision.

What success means to me is an overall sense of balance and psychological well being. It is the feeling of satisfaction and inner peace in knowing that I did my best to be the very best Mother and Human being that I am capable of being. To live life without regret is to be successful.”

– Emily Standley, Founder of Socialbuzzhive.com

“I find success such a broad notion, that there probably isn’t an all-encompassing definition. I think we all know when we are truly successful by our own standards because that success brings joy to our very core.

Accomplishments that satisfy the deepest of our life desires, triumphs that do not break our moral values, victories that more than compensate for the sacrifices made to gain them are all true successes.

And to me, that feeling of true success comes from being able to dedicate as much time as possible to all the aspects I love about my life – my husband, close family and friends, my health, the creative outlet that is my blog, and balancing them with the mundane tasks of day to day life.”

– Silvia Cosma, Creator & Owner of MyStyle5.com

“For myself, success is more than just money, but it plays a huge role. We hear a lot about how the money will allow us to do #allthethings, but in reality, what can it gives us?

I desire freedom within my business which money can help provide. I want to freely choose how each day goes, which adventure I want to take on next, and make memories with my family and not just sit at my desk. Success for me is a way of life. A way to freedom.”

– Ashley DeLuca, Digital Marketing Consultant at AshleyKDeLuca.com

“Success means being able to outsource work so I can spend my days with my son, while my business still grows.

Success means being able to help other business women succeed. There is enough room out there for all of us!

Success means making enough money to retire my husband.

Success means loving my business so much that it doesn’t even feel like work.”

– Jennifer Lackey, CEO & Founder is The InstantBoss Club

“For me, success is to do something you love every day, help people, set a goal and to be able to achieve it on time. As a blogger, I get to do what I love and feel accomplished when I put out useful content on time for my readers. It is important, it is a goal and to achieve it every week is a success for me.

I blog about work from home ideas and each time I get an email from my readers telling me how a blog post helped them, it feels great. That is a success – it drives me to sit long hours in front of my laptop researching and writing!

As a freelance writer, on the other side, I feel successful every time my clients email me saying something good about my work.”

– Chhavi Agarwal, Freelance writer & Blogger at Mrs. Daaku Studio

“Before I became a blogpreneur, success meant one thing. It was this elusive destination that I would hopefully arrive at after graduating from university, getting a real job, falling in love and getting married. This whole production. We’re almost programmed to believe that without that, we’re not successful.

When I quit the 9-5, I rejected this idea of success.

To me, success is freedom to wake up and take 20 steps to “work’ in my pajamas. It’s being myself at all times and creating something on my own terms, in my own voice. To be in charge of my days and life, from tiny choices like when to eat to big ones, like what products to create and market.

I wake up every day excited to push the boundaries of my freedom and to encourage others to slay their goals, so they too can live their idea of success today, not someday maybe.”

– Nadalie Bardo, Founder of It’s All You Boo

“To me, success is the determination and stubbornness to pursue my dream. Of course, it’s gonna take hard works and a lot of dedication. But that’s okay, cause it is my dream and that’s the beauty of it. Once I have that determination and dedication to go there no matter what, I’m already successful, No Matter What!”

– Deanna Green, Yoga & Self-care Blogger

“To me, success means being given the opportunity to serve people and make their lives better through my work as a coach, advocate, and educator.

I’ve learned that success is not always about the number of dollars in my bank account or the number of followers I have on social media. Those things can all be taken away without warning and are not a good way to validate your “worth”.

Instead, success is knowing that I was able to help someone live a better quality of life in some capacity. I don’t think we can fully understand the impact we might be able to have on the world by just changing one person’s life.

In addition, I also try to measure success by how much I’ve grown as an individual. Owning your own business is the best personal development course you’ll ever take.

Having the chance to create a business that serves others, forces me to become a better version of myself, and provides the life freedom I want, which is a great blessing. I always try to come back to this place of foundational gratitude during the challenging seasons.”

– Jessica Espinoza, Mind-Body-Soul Health Coach & Founder of DeliciousObsessions.com

“As a virtual assistant, success for me is being able to add value to people’s lives or businesses. It is about helping others reach their goals and knowing that I’ve helped someone on their journey to success as well. Success is all about facing obstacles and getting through it every day with more enthusiasm to do it all over again.”

– Dannica Gregorio, Virtual Assistant at XDannica

“Success can mean so many different things and as my business has grown, my definition has changed slightly.

I started my business as a way to help my family have increased income. As the months have gone by, I have also realized how passionate I am about health.

My family has had multiple deaths and serious diseases over the last year, and health is so important – physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, etc. With a little education and simple life changes, everyone has the ability to be more healthy.

So my definition of success is for sure being able to make money. But I would add that now, to me, success truly means being able to help others choose health for themselves and their families. You are worth it!”

– Allison Shorter, Founder of HealthyLivingInColorado.com

“Being able to start my own business has been amazing for me as I really value having a flexible schedule. I have a chronic disease called Ulcerative Colitis so not having to stick to a strict work routine and being able to take time off to look after my health without feeling guilty about it, is something I really appreciate.

I post vegan and gluten-free recipes and I am motivated by my desire to help people who are struggling with what to eat because they are leading an alternative diet or have food allergies or intolerances. Getting direct feedback from blog readers is my favorite thing!”

– Rhian Williams, Food Blogger at Rhian’s Recipes

“Success to me means making someone’s life better. If I can help just one person with what I’ve written then I have been successful.

Too many people in this world are stressed out and unhappy. I want to change that, whether it be through a tip about parenting, sharing my experience as a registered behavior technician, or leading people to great products and services. My goal in life is to make people’s days just a little bit brighter.”

– Taylor Brooks

“Success, as a blogger, means providing value to my audience. While so many of us may get caught up in page views or profits as a measure of success, that all comes with hard work and time, as in any business.

As businesswomen, we have a choice in what we do with our time and our skills. It is our responsibility to put forth the effort to find something we love to do rather than a job we dread.

I truly enjoy sitting down to your work each day and engaging with your readers, solving their problems and entering their lives through their computers or phone screens, that’s how I view success as a blogger.”

– Libby Wilson, Founder of Citrus and Stripes

“Success means helping others and loving what I do. I love being a wife and a mom, but I also feel driven to help other women shine brightly and live the purpose they were created to live.

There’s a pervasive lie in our culture that women have to choose between being good wives and moms OR being successful entrepreneurs. But I don’t believe it, I won’t embrace it, and I want to encourage other women to stop trying to fit the mold and create their own.

What started as a means of expression more than a decade ago grew into a way for me to encourage and equip other women who also struggled with feeling isolated and stifled as stay at home moms. Graceful Abandon evolved from a personal blog into a thriving endeavor as I learned to look beyond my own need for self-expression to fulfilling my purpose to encourage and equip women to fulfill theirs.

And THAT is what success is. Your gifts and talents were never meant to simply enrich your life; they were given to you to enrich the world. When you do that, you are successful.”

– Lisa Yvonne, Online Marketing Strategist & Founder of Graceful Abandon

“Starting a blog and later on, a YouTube channel has been one of the most wonderful and fulfilling projects I have ever done.

I am working towards my projects being my full income, not there yet, but I feel like a huge success when I get to share and educate my audience with my articles, whether it is a recipe from an unknown cuisine, or a travel guide, or sharing blogging tips.

I am a sharer and teacher by nature and when I get an email saying “thank you so much I learned a lot” for me that is the definition of success!”

– Evelyne Budkewitsch, Founder & Owner of CulturEatz.com

Success as a blogger is when I can make a full-time living from ads and affiliate marketing helping people with their finances (I run a personal finance blog). I truly love helping people and if I can get paid to do it, well, then I have become successful.

– Max, Founder of Tried and True Mom Jobs

“As a blogger and entrepreneur, success means the following two things:

  1. As a blogger, success is when I get feedback that I helped individuals feel supported and encouraged in their gluten-free journeys. When my husband became very sick with Celiac Disease, it was difficult to find people who understood and could support us. I want the tips and tricks I learned along the way to help others be stress-free!
  2. As an entrepreneur, I definitely see success as earning a full-time income large enough that I can work from home on my blog. This would give me a better family balance and allow the flexibility to be more involved with my kids – things like chaperoning field trips, not feeling guilty if I ‘take a day off’ to stay home with them if they’re sick, and not having to secure special child care arrangements for school vacations.”

– Sharon McCaskill, Founder of The Helpful GF

“Success for me means being able to do something I love. Working in a role that fits me perfectly, where I can balance my business and raising my kids. Creating a website that I am passionate about and creating a small team of like-minded people has been wonderful…

Success isn’t only about the financial reward. For me, it’s about the freedom to live in a way that allows me to focus on the things I love.”

– Laura Jones, Founder of Quizzy Kid

About the author:
Hey there, dream chaser! I’m a writer and designer on a mission to inspire and empower you to create a highly profitable minimalist online business and show up for your dreams in a sustainable way.
xo, Laura

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