Perfectly Productive Planner

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Find the magic in the everyday with this sleek and minimalist planner featuring 25 printable pages that you can mix and match to suit your own needs.

Achieve your goals, say ‘no’ to distractions and prioritize your tasks in one stylish and organized place. Streamline your projects, improve your workflow, and enjoy EVERY moment of your beautiful, crazy life.

You don’t have to live in scarcity mode and sacrifice sleep, food, self-care, ‘me time’, or time with your family to finish your to-do list and keep up with deadlines, chores, and responsibilities.

The Perfectly Productive Planner is designed to help you reclaim your time and focus on what really matters because when you create healthy habits and choose your priorities in a mindful way, no sacrifice is necessary!

Features You’ll LOVE


Print each page as many times as you need, at home or at your local print shop.


Fill-in dates for any day, week, month, or year, so you can start anytime and use for years to come. 


Your download includes 4 different sizes – A4, A5, letter and half letter.


Print only the pages you need. Them mix and match them into a focused and functional planner.


Carefully designed with love using mermaid blue accents and a consistent look.


Designed to fit beautifully in any binder with enough space for hole punching on either side. 

2 Cover Pages + 25  Planner Pages in 4 Different Sizes

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inspirational SUCCESS STORIES


“I’ve used my share of productivity planners but I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Perfectly Productive Planner is a cut above. My business life was disorganized and my productivity extremely scattered but this planner helped me streamline my project planning process and saved me tons of frustration. Everything I need is in this one planner and I absolutely LOVE the design! Highly recommended!”

Kimberly Steenbergen
Mom In The Go Lane


“The Perfectly Productive Planner is the most complete planner I’ve ever used. I especially LOVE the 30-day challenge tracker and the habit tracker! As a busy work at home mom who just became a mom of three, the distractions list is another favorite! I used to have random lists everywhere with all of my thoughts and to-dos. Now they are all in one place and it’s SO much easier to stay organized and productive! I recommend it to everyone!

Jessica LeBrun
On Moxie & Motherhood


“I used to go with the flow and let life take its course, but then I came across the Perfectly Productive Planner. This planner is WONDERFUL, and I love that it goes far beyond schedules and to-do lists. It actually helps you keep your WHYs front and center, sort out your priorities, maintain good habits, celebrate progress, strive for growth and even incorporate self-care and gratitude in your daily life. It’s a complete game changer!

Gabby Cruz
Ocio Lifestyle


“I’ve only been using the Perfectly Productive Planner for less than a week but so much has changed already! I’m a big procrastinator and I tend to get distracted a lot. I already knew what my biggest time wasters were but seeing just how little I accomplished daily in the tracking sheets because of all the 5-minute distractions helped me finally get my head on straight. As a result, I created an entire resource library of freebies for my subscribers in one weekend! This planner is gold!

Lily Ugbaja
Finding Balance

You Have Two Choices

😞 Keep doing what you’re doing. Work those 15 hour days that leave zero time for yourself, and get closer and closer to burnout.

😀 Start using the Perfectly Productive Planner. Become more organized and productive and use the extra time to do what you love.

Let’s make peace with time!

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Got questions? Find the answers to the common questions I get below.

Can I request a refund if I don’t like the planner?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Once purchased, the planner will be yours forever.

In what format is the planner delivered?

The planner is delivered in PDF format. Your purchase includes 4 PDF files, one for each paper format — A4, A5, letter & half letter.

I bought the planner but didn’t receive an email. What do I do?

The planner is delivered via Etsy. If you have any issues with your purchase, please send me a message via Etsy’s own message system and I’ll do my best to help you out.

What paper do you recommend?

I recommend the Hammermill 24lb premium multipurpose paper. It’s perfect for double-sided printing, acid-free (which prevents yellowing over time) and jam-free guaranteed.

Can I become an affiliate for the Perfectly Productive Planner?

The Perfectly Productive Planner is sold via Etsy. Etsy has its own affiliate program you can join. Once you’ve been accepted into the Etsy affiliate program, you can start promoting the Smart Blog Planner along with thousands of other products sold via Etsy.

This product is an instant digital download. No physical product will be shipped.
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