3 Reasons Why You Need A Blog Audit

Do you want to crawl up into a ball and secretly cry whenever someone asks you how much money you’re making with your blog?

You worked hard to get your blog off the ground and are stoked to have crossed that finish line. But now month after month is passing by and you cannot get people to come to your blog no matter what you do.

You’re so disheartened about it. You really need the extra income. But you don’t know what you’re doing wrong and are (almost) in tears.

You’ve even taken several courses. Yet nothing seems to do the trick.

I get it.

I really do.

It’s not easy to build a profitable blog with one-size-fits-all formulas.

That’s why every blogger needs a professional blog audit from time to time.

What is a blog audit aka a blog review?

A blog audit is a comprehensive analysis of your blog for the purpose of helping you get unstuck and reach your blogging goals faster.

And… it happens to be my zone of genius. I simply love browsing other people’s blogs and compiling a list of suggestions that would make a HUGE difference in the way readers interact with their content.

During a blog review, I look at things like the overall user experience, graphics, writing style, SEO, etc. Then I write a detailed report and give you feedback on the exact things you should change, add or remove.

I tell you how to improve each aspect of your blog, so you can increase your traffic, engagement, and conversions. And I do it in plain English, so you never feel like you are just not technically savvy enough to have a successful blog.

Is that fence you are sitting on comfy?

Look, I get it.

Making an investment in your blog and business is serious stuff (which is a good thing, I don’t want people not to take their businesses and their investments seriously)

So if you need an extra reason for getting an unbiased blog audit, I’ve actually got 3 solid ones for you:

1 | You are too close to your blog

Can you tell why your blog isn’t growing fast enough? Why nobody is subscribing and why nobody’s clicking through your affiliate links or buying your products? You probably shrug right now and have no clue.

If you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to understand what you do wrong without getting any closer to a real answer, it’s because you are too close to your blog. It’s like when we are too close to our dear ones to see their faults or the first signs of depression.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows that your blog is a labor of love. You pour yourself into it every time you write a post. But it’s difficult to be objective.

That’s why you need a fresh pair of experienced eyes.

Your BFF is really sweet when she says your blog is the best… But if every time you publish a new post you only hear crickets, something is obviously not working as it should and a personalized blog review will help you fix that.

2 | You are on a unique journey

You can find tons of amazing courses on Pinterest traffic, launching a product, email marketing, you name it. I don’t deny the importance of a good course. But they are meant to cater to a great number of people that are on the same journey. Not everything will apply to you and your blog.

Even more so, most of them won’t hold your hand and offer any kind of feedback on your implementation of their strategies. You might miss the mark by a mile or just by a few centimeters and not see the results you want because of a silly mistake or because something slipped your mind and you don’t even realize it.

When everything else fails, you need a blog audit like you need air. Sure, buy the eBooks and the course and follow all the strategies. Actually, when you apply for a blog audit with me, one of the questions I ask is ‘What steps have you taken so far towards your goals?

I believe that’s super important because I see it all the time.

Blogger soaks up all the info she can find. Blogger applies everything to the best of her abilities. Blogger does most of the things right. Yet traffic and sales don’t improve.

That’s why it’s important to have a really good look and find that rotten apple that spoils the barrel. No, a course can’t help you with that. Only having a 1-on-1 can.

3 | You could use some reassurance

Blogging can be lonely. When you haven’t found your tribe yet, it can be discouraging to write post after post for no one to see. I don’t want you to feel discouraged.

You might already suspect some essential improvements your blog needs. But you are unsure and the fear of messing up is holding you back.

Or maybe you have a crystal clear vision but you’re implementing it all wrong. With a bit of tweaking, you could have the amazing blog you’ve always wanted.

Listen up, dream chaser! You can’t do the same things over and over again and expect different results.

You need to let go of your insecurities and jump in feet first.

A wise person once told me that blogging is like kissing… you can’t do it alone. You have to rely on feedback.

Like any business, blogging has its learning curve. Nobody was born with this knowledge. Asking for feedback should become second nature.

About the author:
Hey there, dream chaser! I’m a writer and designer on a mission to inspire and empower you to create a highly profitable minimalist online business and show up for your dreams in a sustainable way.
xo, Laura

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