Best WordPress Themes by Niche

When you want to make a splash and get noticed with your blog or business website, the theme you choose matters. A lot!

Now finding the right theme that perfectly aligns with your brand can be quite a chore (trust me, I know).

But I often get asked what WordPress theme goes best for this or that kind of blog or business. And while nothing in this world is a one-size-fits-all, I’ve decided to round up my favorite themes for each niche.

Note: All themes on this list are designed for self-hosted WordPress blogs (not blogs). If you need help getting started, check out my step-by-step guide to starting a WordPress blog to get all set up in under an hour (plus learn why self-hosted is better than free)!

Before we get to the niche specific themes though, I want to take a moment to talk about Divi since it has the potential to put an end to your search right away.

Why Divi is the best WordPress theme no matter your niche

Divi is an incredibly popular multi-purpose theme. You can customize it to your heart’s desire and adapt it to any kind of blog or audience.

  • Divi builder. Simply put, Divi can become anything you want it to be, now or in the future. That’s because it uses the Divi builder, a drag-and-drop page builder that helps you design webpages in real time.
  • Long lifespan. One of the biggest perks of Divi is that you can use it for many years to come while simply adjusting the features and layout as your preferences, needs, and trends change.
  • Pre-made and reusable layouts. If you want to dive right in, you can jump-start your design process by using one of the pre-made layouts that come with the theme. Or you can design your own layouts and save them to be re-used later.
  • Wonderfully flexible. Because Divi is so wonderfully flexible, your blog or website can finally be as unique as you are. This is the pinnacle of personal branding if you ask me and the only limit is your imagination.
  • Amazing value. Plus, when you purchase Divi, you also get 87 more themes and plugins as part of the Elegant Themes membership, all for the price of one!

Give Divi a test drive to see how you like it >>

If after reading all of the above you still prefer a pre-made theme designed specifically for your niche, then below you’ll find some of my absolute favorites. I’ll be updating this list as I get more niche specific requests.

Why choose a pre-designed niche theme

  • You got hooked on the layout
  • You want to spend as little time as possible on designing your blog or website
  • You’ve found a pre-designed theme that meets all your current blogging and business needs
  • You have no idea what works in terms of design so you’d rather go with a layout designed by a professional
  • You don’t mind buying and setting up a new theme when you outgrow your current one

Pro tip: When choosing a theme for your blog or business, try to look past the gorgeous photos theme designers use. A theme demo is like a show house and the images are used to present the theme in a favorable light and reveal its potential. So instead of drooling over next to perfect stock photos, pay attention to the layout and list of features. If you’re not sure what you should be looking for, check out my post on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme.

Best WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a freelance writer, coach, social media manager, designer, or online marketer, ChicServe can take your business to the next level. Clean, romantic, and girly, this WordPress theme has tons of features and comes in two versions — as a Divi child theme and ready to be used with Elementor (a free page builder plugin).

Best WordPress Theme for Online Shop Owners

In the online world, change is the only constant. ChicShop is a powerful WordPress theme that lends a hand and helps you market your digital or physical products. It is eye-catching, airy, and mobile responsive, meaning your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and screen size, so you never miss a sale.

Best WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs

Travel Journal is a whimsical WordPress theme for female travel bloggers with fire in their veins. Have the time of your life and dance the night away, then show your sense of adventure and thirst for life with this super easy-to-use theme that has EVERYTHING a travel influencer can dream of – integrated social media banners, calligraphy font, a styled store, and unique blog, about, and contact page templates.

Best WordPress Theme for Food Blogs

Divine Pro is a delicious WordPress theme with vertical, bold images, ideal for featuring scrumptious dishes. It’s super versatile – you can customize the image format (square or vertical) and personalize the colors, background, layout and header. It also has a shop and you can feature products in the sidebar.

Best WordPress Theme for Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Glam Pro is a charismatic and sleek WordPress theme. It has a minimalist design with an emphasis on building an email list. Its simplicity and lack of swirls and extra design accents shines a light on your message, photography and brand.

Best WordPress Theme for Interior Design and Organizing Blogs

As its name suggests, Simply Pro is a minimalist and zen WordPress theme, just perfect for highlighting organization hacks and interior design ideas. It comes with various layout options, a theme customizer feature and a simple yet effective carousel at the top.

Best WordPress Theme for DIY and Craft Blogs

Highlight your ideas and creations with the Maker Pro. This is a bold WordPress theme that honors your creativity and puts your maker self front and center. It comes with a portfolio page and handy landing page template, that you can use to sell your products or pass on your knowledge through eBooks.

Best WordPress Theme for Parenting and Mom Life Blogs

Olivie is a no-frills WordPress theme, feminine and welcoming. The vertical post thumbnails and the carousel at the top are just perfect for showcasing your posts and family photos. Olivie is also SEO friendly and has a knack for growing an email list.

Best WordPress Theme for Book Blogs

If you run a book review or book tour blog, Brunch Pro (regardless of its name!) is a gorgeous, clean and crisp WordPress theme with vertical images just perfect for featuring book covers.

Best WordPress Theme for Personal Growth and Empowerment  Blogs

Ever dreamed of having a magazine style blog, that resembles the Psychology Today website? Look no further than Extra! Extra is the second most popular theme by Elegant Themes and the ultimate magazine WordPress theme. It’s powered by the Divi builder which makes it fully customizable. On top of that, it has a ratings & review system and modules for building a variety of different category layouts.

Best WordPress Theme for Budgeting and Personal Finance Blogs

NoSidebar Pro is the pinnacle of minimalism. As its name suggests, it has no sidebar which offers an uncluttered experiences and keeps things simple. Because when you blog about serious stuff like budgeting and finances, you want to look professional without overwhelming the reader.


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