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You don’t have to go to business school and wear a pencil skirt to run your own amazing online business. But you do need a clear roadmap that will inspire and motivate you to take action.

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Hey, I’m Laura and I’m here to help! I’m an author and designer devoted to creating tools that help people start a blog, build a profitable online business and show up for their dreams.

I love smoothies, smart planning and helping women grow their entrepreneurial wings. I believe nurturing your business starts with nurturing yourself.

My goal is simple, even if it’s founded on a rebellious streak and a lofty dream – I want to help you live more, hurt less and love yourself better.

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inspirational SUCCESS STORIES

“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for the ‘How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate‘ eBook. I just finished reading it, for the second time! I didn’t want it to end! It has taught me a great deal and given me so much more confidence with affiliate marketing. It’s so wonderfully written, it really was a joy to read. I can’t help but rave about it. It was such a huge help!”

Jeannie Daigneault

“I’m in LOVE with the Smart Blog Planner! […] There is a place for everything, and I’ve suddenly found myself totally organized and in control. I highly and sincerely recommend it! It’s an incredible tool no blogger should be without!”

Louise Pistole

“I’ve used my share of productivity planners but I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Perfectly Productive Planner is a cut above. […] Everything I need is in this one planner and I absolutely LOVE the design! Highly recommended!”

Kimberly Steenbergen